Julian Brewing Company and fresh, new beer!

Greetings to all beer lovers and other visitors as well. Come by Julian Brewing Company/Bailey’s BBQ for a meal and a tasty selection of craft beers. The list of house beers is constantly rotating with a new beer being introduced nearly every week by Julian Brewing Company brewer and local, Matthew Pitman. The potential for palate appreciation is overwhelmingly in your favor once you delve into the assortment of beer options provided by JBC. We guarantee you’ll find a beer you’ll enjoy. Coming out this week is a fresh saison invented from ingredients picked from the hillsides of Julian. Rosemary, sage, apple blossoms, peach blossoms, plum blossoms and dandelion flowers spring this beer into the season full of flavor!

September Music

Hello All, We have an incredible line up for music this month

Sep 1st Red Lotus Review playing some Blues for us to kick off Labor Day Weekend http://redlotusrevue.com/?go=home

Sep 8th Useless Rhetoric is doing a benefit show for Toys for Tots! Join us for some great tunes and a great time http://uselessrhetoric.com/demos.html

Sep 15th Wild Night is bringing the Heat w/ some Southern Rock and Roll http://www.myspace.com/wildniteband

Sep 22nd Nancarrow is rocking us country style check’em out at  http://www.reverbnation.com/grahamnancarrow

Sep 29th The Blue Knights w/ Harry Joe Reynolds playing those blues, classic rock and a little jazz to roll us into October.

As Always the Shows start at 8pm and the cover goes 100% to the band.


Upcoming Music and Menu Stuff

Hi All, We have an incredible line-up for music this month and some new beers and food items

Starting off the month last night was My Graveyard Jaw and all I can say is WOW. What a cool sound, please see them if you get the chance the next time they are around.

Aug 4th we have Left Hand Thread playing starting at 8:00pm I recommend you stop by and enjoy this lively alternative rock band. The saloon will be busy so please get here early for the best seats, with that said we are rolling out some new wings that will be featured on the bar menu as well as the ever popular smoked Angus Beef Sliders. We might even be able to have the famous Mozzerella Cheese-sticks from Pizza Port!

Aug 11th  brings us Have A Cigar which is always a blast. This Pink Floyd cover band is the best around at what they do. Close your eyes and you will see the flying pigs!!!!

Aug 17th Chucko and the Usual Suspects are making an appearance,”Listen at your own RISK” is the word on the street. This will be a hoot so stop on in and say hello or *%^& Off to Chucko

Aug 18th To the Gallows will be here with some off centered country western swing, Get your dancing boots on and have a great time, look for some interesting drink specials to help get you out on the floor

Aug 25th the month closes out with the Wathenclan Band rocking it out loudly out the Bailey. This show will prime the pump for September where Bill has been working on getting some great bands to jam for us.

On The Beer Side Of Things

We have currently 5 house beers that have been made here and are all tasting really well, 1870 IPA is almost gone but we will be tapping a new IPA on Aug 8th (if all goes well) for your drinking pleasure

MVP Ale has been the an incredible surprise for us. The beer is developing into one of the town favorites and the demand is there for a re-brew, I will get to work on that ASAP

No Loose Ends Pale is almost gone as well. We all are digging that in your face hop flavor with a nice subtle finish (maybe because the hops wreck the palate)

Smokin’ Coconuts Porter has been so well received that this will return later in the fall for sure. The ability to smoke our malts and coconut on site allow for so much creativity and experimentation. (I love brewing by the way)

A.E.’s Brown is a classic spin on traditional brown ale, YES we have a higher residual sugar than many other browns but this beer was made for the folks here is Julian and so far they love it! So that’s how we will keep it.

1st  batch of Julian Apple Wheat will be ready to tap next week on the 8th (if all goes well) With once again a twist to a style. This beer was made to be an easy drinking wheat beer with a nice cloudy unfiltered appearance, we added some raw cider from our friends over at Apple Lane Orchard to give the beer a distinct “Julian” taste. So far the beer is tasting amazing, light in body and easy drinking with a hint of tartness from the apples. This is going to be a fun one.

Bar Menu

Why yes we are offering food till 10pm in the saloon! We are always creating some quick bites that can be ordered at the bar, currently the big ticket is the Angus Beef Sliders w/ Cheddar and Jack cheese and Jalapeno’s. The Calamari is awesome and today we are trying out a new wing that will only be available on the bar menu. So stop in and get your grub on.

Well that is about it for now, I look forward to seeing you all and if you want a tour of the brewery just ask. We are very happy that so many of you have given us input (Yes more TV’s in the bar for football, this will happen) that will help to make Bailey BBQ a place where we all can have fun, eat some great food, and drink up some great beer.

Have a great day, Cheers Mike

What is happening at Bailey’s BBQ

Hi All, I am Mike Gabbard and I work for Vince and Gina at Pizza Port and now at Bailey’s BBQ and Julian Brewing. I look forward to serving you what I feel is awesome BBQ and fresh handcrafted beers made here at Julian Brewing. So far we have expanded the hours of operation to include lunch and dinner on Wednesday and Thursday, the barn is open for seating at 11:30am Wednesday- Sunday with the full menu and we are going to feature a smaller menu for the bar patrons from 8:00pm-10:30pm Friday and Saturday. We allow seating for all ages in the barn up to 7:30pm if there is live music, if no band is playing all ages are welcome anytime. Thank you all very much for the support It has been awesome being here. Please call me at 760-845-7196 if there is ever an issue, Cheers Mike